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Selling online is easy to reach customers around the world. This Shop section of the website is 'work in progress'. We are learning as we go along and would appreciate your feedback to get it even better in the future.
This first-draft version (March 2018) is our initial move into selling online.
There are a number of steps:
> The images in the Catalogue are displayed below.
> Double click the print(s) you wish to purchase - one at a time.
> You will then see a separate page showing the image. 
> Choose the size of print from measurements listed in the drop-down box.
> Decide how you would like the photograph: mounted and framed, or print only.
> Next is an optional Notes box for any specific requests.
> State the quantity of prints you require.
> Click the 'Add to Cart' button.
> Repeat above steps if more than one print needed.
> Payment details follow on a new page.
> Paul Berriff will email to confirm that your order has been received.
> If a signed copy of the print by Alec Gill is needed, then an additional price of £10 per print is charged. Signed prints, however, will take longer to process. Paul and Alec live / work around 100 miles apart and we do not meet on a regular basis. In other words, it will take longer for the signed prints to be delivered.