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Looking back over forty-plus years of researching Hessle Road, it has never been easier to promote work than it is today - thanks to technology and social media. 
Below are some recent examples of coverage linked to my Hessle Roader work.
Many thanks to all those behind these productions. 

These two repeated links are to my (A) Personal Facebook Page. and (B) YouTube Channel. I have deliberately included these because I do not write a daily Blog within this website.

Hopefully, these two links will serve that purpose.

This is a link to my "HESSLE ROADERS"  Facebook Page dedicated to my B&W Photo Project covered in this website.

Trawlermen: Suited and Booted by documentary film-maker

Antony Hatfield for ArtLink Hull 5 January 2016 - 33 minutes.

Part 4: Global fishing - in conversation with

Dr Alec Gill MBE during the Hull Fishing Heritage Exhibition 

at St.John the Baptist Church, Hessle Road, Hull

8 May 2017 - 4.34 minutes.

Part 3: Story-telling via Images - in conversation with

Dr Alec Gill MBE during above Hull Fishing Heritage Exhibition 

at St.John the Baptist Church, Hessle Road, Hull 

30 March 2017 - 2 minutes.

Part 2: Tribute to Trawlermen - in conversation with

Dr Alec Gill MBE during above Hull Fishing Heritage Exhibition 

at St.John the Baptist Church, Hessle Road, Hull 

17 March 2017. - 5 minutes.

Part 1: Passion for Hessle Road - in conversation with

Dr Alec Gill MBE during the Hull Fishing Heritage Exhibition - organised by Adam Cotson and team - at St.John the Baptist Church, St.George's Road, Hessle Road, Hull 

7 March 2017 - 3.50 minutes.

The Hessle Roaders - the Photography of Alec Gill - a Short Film

by Mark Richardson October 2017 - 14 minutes.

Kingston Communications Culture video by Icon Films:

The Hessle Roaders: Hull's fishing community by Dr Alec Gill MBE

June 2017 - 4 minutes.

The Reading Room interview for The Culture Zone by Darren Squires featuring Hull photographer, film-maker and historian Alec Gill

mid-2015 (?) - 23.25 minutes.

MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL: Non-Hessle Road interviews

BBC Radio 4 Listening Project featured me and my partner - Hull poet Audrey Dunne - about why we were not married after 32 years of living together. They called it 'Marriage isn't for Us'; but the original BBC Radio Humberside title had been 'My Knight in Shining Bicycle clips'. Broadcast 19 May 2017 -  3.47 minutes

Audrey Dunne in conversation with Darren Squires in his Reading Room - talking about her poetry and writing.

4 February 2015 - 27.12 minutes. 

Cerys Matthews came to Hull during the City of Culture on 1st October 2017.  I was invited on her show to talk about Hull's trawling heritage; however, she only asked me about Hull's history going back to its medieval and whaling heritage! Nevertheless, it turned out to be a fun interview. 

Paul Berriff produced and printed my Hessle Roader images - a wide range of fine art photographs are also available at his web page - www.paulberriff.com. Well worth a visit to see his photography

with The Beatles and other Rock Legends plus his rural and

social images for sale at this site.


KCOM web review article:
Alec Gill captures 30 years of Hessle Road's

history. 6 June 2017.

University of Hull Alumni Association interview:

Dr. Alec Gill MBE - "As if there is no photographer present"

by David Simpson. 19 September 2017.