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Welcome to The Hessle Roaders - Photographs by Alec Gill

     'The Hessle Roaders' B&W photographs are part of a documentary study I started in the early 1970s. The work continued for around fifteen years and resulted in a collection of 6,636 negatives. I then moved on to become an academic, author, historian, public speaker, and video producer - all dedicated to the Hessle Road culture and heritage of Hull.
      I love to photograph people. The subjects of my street photography lived and worked in Hull's Hessle Road Fishing Community (Yorkshire, England). This working-class district of my home-port was primarily involved with trawling the dangerous waters around Iceland and beyond the Arctic Circle - an extremely perilous occupation. The Hessle Roaders had a zest for life because they lived close to death. Historically, Hull claimed to be "the greatest deep-sea fishing port in the world".
       This website shows only those B&W photographs that have been digitized. This process of bringing my vintage negatives into the 'modern age' is still ongoing. In 2017, when Hull became the UK's City of Culture, one hundred of 'The Hessle Roaders' images were shown in three different exhibitions. This was largely achieved thanks to my friend Paul Berriff OBE. Paul is a well-established fine art photographer and BAFTA-winning filmmaker - long before we joined forces in 2013. Sponsorship was obtained from Smith & Nephew - the global medical technology business based at No.101 Hessle Road. I scanned a wide range of images (1,300), then Paul produced and curated the 100 large-scale A1-sized prints for exhibition.
     We plan to produce a large photo book of around 400-500 pictures and show the work internationally. We are open to invitations from around the globe - please get in touch.
Please scroll along the above images or (to see them all together) click the Catalogue page to get an overall impression of the work. Equally, if you wish to purchase any prints, please go to the Shop section.
Cheers, Dr. Alec Gill MBE